Ana Sayfa VISION


Islamic world constitutes approximately a quarter of the world's population. The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is the second largest international organization in the world. However, Islamic world, including Turkey as an important member, does not have the clout in strategic, political and economic areas commensurate with its size. Among the more important reasons for this fact are: Islamic world is trailing the rest of the world in keeping up with global developments and there is a lack of cooperation between the countries constituting the Islamic world. If these deficiencies are remedied, Islamic world will reach an important point where it will make important contributions to world peace and international harmony.

Globalization process continues to be an ever-developing and ever-spreading phenomenon. Islamic countries are also affected by this process. Improvement and spreading of channels of communication between Islamic countries will make it easier for them to face challenges brought by globalization.

Turkey, as a part of the Islamic world, has made important progress in modernization and has important means and instruments to contribute to the overcoming of problems faced by the Islamic world. Capitalization on these means and instruments depends on conducting long-term strategic studies. Within this framework, important responsibilities fall upon non-governmental organizations such as TASAM, the Institute of Islam and the Islamic States Think Tanks Platform (ISTTP) established to realize these aims.





Latest Information on needs and projects of think tanks and laws and legislation to be complied with during international aid operations will be announced in this section. Any amendment to the laws and legislation communicated by the directors of this platform will be announced here periodically.