Ana Sayfa ISTTP Values


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  • Respecting democratic principles and human rights defined by international law and accepted by international public opinion,
  • Rejecting terror and violence in all forms,
  • Promoting regional and global peace,
  • Treating every individual fairly irrespective of religion, language, ethnicity, sex and regional origin,
  • Adopting ISTTP vision and mission,
  • Be a non-profit-seeking institution,
  • Rejecting seeking personal benefits and short-sighted politicizing in carrying out ISTTP activities,
  • Showing tolerance and respect towards differences,
  • Be ready to cooperate with ISSTP member think tanks and their directors,
  • Keeping dialogue channels open with every side,
  • Having no legal impediments to operate under the national law,
  • Be ready to contribute to the strengthening of ISTTP common ideal and identity,
  • Staying independent of any national state institution,
  • Respecting national laws and local culture of the foreign country of operation.




Latest Information on needs and projects of think tanks and laws and legislation to be complied with during international aid operations will be announced in this section. Any amendment to the laws and legislation communicated by the directors of this platform will be announced here periodically.